Meet Cathleen Calkins-Cordner

Cathleen Calkins-Cordner

Hello! I’m so happy you are here. I’m a certified Nutrition Counselor and, before I get into the specifics about the services I offer, I want to share my path to this website.

It started because I no longer recognized or trusted my body. I didn’t feel good, my skin felt rough and looked splotchy, no matter what I ate and how much I exercised I couldn’t shed a single pound, my joints ached, my eyes were forever swollen, my energy was in the tank, and my mid-section was slowly getting larger. One cold March morning, struggling to get out of bed, I questioned if this was the way it was going to be. Would I feel like this for the rest of my days on Earth? Was looking mediocre good enough? Did I want to age like an old-lady? And, was I okay with that?

Trust me, it was not okay and I started to educate myself on the food I was eating. Not just calories in versus calories out, but the science behind food, like hormone response and how the body stores and uses energy. I tweaked my diet and taught myself how to cook and make good foods interesting.

When I finally dug myself out of that fast slide, I realized it was so simple and I knew I had to share what I learned. I wanted to help others navigate the challenges of how to incorporate and make good, healthy eating and planning just one aspect of a normal day. Really, no drama. No guesswork. Just simple and natural.

Services & Pricing
I partner with clients in a variety of ways to meet their needs and lifestyle-from offering basic nutrition analysis and making tweaks to current eating and menu planning to implementing nutrition programs that press the reset button and transform the body. I also collaborate with physicians to use nutrition strategies to address chronic disease prevention and management.

General Nutrition Counseling/Physician Referral – $90 (first session)

I partner with clients and their physicians to develop an eating plan that speaks to their personal concerns and/or address disease prevention and management. This includes an initial 75 minute phone consult followed by a detailed nutrition action plan as well as resources to help clients implement and successfully execute. Forty-five minute follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed and based on client and physician direction. ($50 additional fee per follow-up session)

SIBO Nutrition Counseling/Physician Referral – $150 (first session, includes seven-day meal and menu planning and guide) 

I work with clients to execute and successfully follow a strict diet to address small intestine bacterial overgrowth, including meal planning, resources, menus and shopping lists, and recipes. This includes an initial 75 minutes phone consult and access to email support. Forty-five minute follow-up sessions and support materials are scheduled as needed and based on client direction. ($75 additional fee per follow-up session)

Nutrition Analysis – $100

I work with clients to make revisions and small tweaks to their current diet to help them reach their nutrition goals, whether that is to loose weight, and ensure they are getting the recommended amounts of nutrients daily. This includes two 30-minute phone sessions and a lengthy analysis of current diet, including recommendations on where improvements can be explored.

One Month Nutrition Reset – $220

A 30-day reset is a stricter nutrition approach that helps kick the metabolism into high gear. I partner with clients to implement a structured eating and action plan and exercise program with the idea that this is the foundation and start of a life-long strategy to healthy eating. While clients are likely to loose weight during this reset, the overall goal is to promote feeling better and an understanding of how this looks on days 31, 32, and beyond. This includes weekly (four) sixty minute phone counseling sessions, a customized eating plan, recipes, resources, and shopping lists.

Three Month Whole Body Transformation – $600

The 90-day whole body transformation builds on the 30-day reset but supports you as we build a nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle and goals. This program begins with the 30-day reset and moves to an eating plan that matches your lifestyle and goals and includes developing a consistent exercise program. This also includes weekly (12) sixty minute phone counseling sessions, customized eating program and a freestyle guide to eating out, recipes, resources, menu plans, and shopping lists.

Email-Only Nutrition Counseling – $50/month (minimum three month commitment)

I developed this style of counseling for people who are already committed or motivated to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their lifestyle, but don’t know how and would prefer to do it mainly on their own. Here I provide guidance, answer questions, analyze nutrition and diet, and offer recipes, resources, and tailored menu plans and shopping lists.

Nutrition Writer & Content Provider

I am passionate about nutrition and living the best life possible at any age. While I love providing personal nutrition counseling services, I also aim to reach a broader audience, too. I am available to write in the nutrition space, whether that takes the form of providing nutrition content or ghostwriting and editing services. I am available for interviews and speaking engagements, too. My work has appeared in O The Oprah Magazine, Runner’s World, and The New York Times, to name a few, and I’ve ghostwritten scripts for a celebrity yoga instructor. Feel free to reach out to me with questions.